Is seeing my ex a mistake?

Well i recently got back in contact with one of my exs. I was the other woman until it got too much and we came clean a year ago, we didn't plan it and he decided to try make things work with her.
well I've got a new boyfriend, he knows I've started talking to my ex which he says he's ok with as he trusts me. And recently since i got him a job he's changed. All he talks about is his work, or if i can drive him places and sulks if i dont. doesn't ask how i am. Or want to do anything.
My ex noticed i was upset as we've been talking as friends and told me to see him tomorrow, i agreed as i just want to be listened to and he knows I've moved on. But is it wrong? I know nothing would happen because of the fallout and partners. But his girlfriends obviously got issues with me and since an argument about the way he's changed my boyfriend isn't speaking to me.


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  • I wouldn't do it


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