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The first date went well, lets just say i ended up taking her back to my place and almost hitting home run,,, she even wanted to stay longer plus going to the bus she held onto my arm... I waited 6 days to ask her out again, i said when are you free to get together she said ''i’ll have to check my work schedule but sometime next week probably :)'' then i said ''No worries text me next week when know your free :) and bring your baby and my capo lol:... She said haha ok will do :). by the way the baby is here guitar lol... she showed high levels of interest the first date... What do you guys think... Is the probably a bit flakey... She litterally gets her schedule tomorrow and said she would check it... Any help would be great thanks :)
Please help


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  • You kind of waited a while to ask her out again in my opinion so her saying she wouldn't be able to go out until next week might be her thinking she has to play it cool.


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  • I don't know dude💁🏻


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