Is my friend lying to me about the boy I like?

Last year my friend would tell stories that weren't true to make people think she's more intersting. They weren't planned out and more spur of the moment and this year she cut down by like 99%. Anyways I have a crush on this boy who isn't in any of my classes, but she does. She offered to be my "wing women." A few weeks ago right before class ended she said that he said I was "Cute" and he had seen me around. I never got the full story for many reasons that is to complicated to explain. On Monday (it's Tuesday and we have a snowday) she told me that he asked her for my snapchat so I told her my snapchat (she doesn't have one) As far as I know (besides from her) he doesn't know I exist and he hasn't added me. I don't think she likes him because she isn't girly or someone who is really intersted in boys and she already likes someone. I'm pretty sensitive so am really worried that he isn't intersted in me and she's lying. Do you think she's lying?


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  • Say hi to him. I think the way he acknowledges you will give you an idea of the situation.


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