Girls about my age, did you still find Adam Levine attractive even when he was bald?

I remember seeing a ton of hate comments by girls when he shaved his head, which kinda hurt confidence as I have to shave my head since I lost hair when I was Ill a couple years back, yeah I figured plenty of girls wouldn't like it but not a majority see as 'gross' 'eww' etc

anyway yeah I just had to ask haha
  • Yes I still found him attractive
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  • No baldness is a turn off to me so young, even in him
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  • I didn't find him attractive to begin with
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  • (People over 30) -sorry I'm only curious about peers
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Wow sports hate towards bald eh? :( remember this girls next time you think guys are harsh about fat shaming, weight can be lost, hair cannot be re grown usually
I don't get the hate towards no hair, it's just an accessory, and unlike fat on a person, in no way represents health or lifestyle


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  • Adam Levine still looked good bald. I think the backlash was partly because he does have really nice hair, so it seems like a waste to shave it off while it's still good.

    Shaved heads certainly aren't every girl's taste, not gonna lie, but personally I like the look and I'm sure you pull it off just fine. Don't worry about it too much. :)

    • Thanks for MH. :)

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    • I understand, I personally have been told by many I pull off shaved well, surprising as a smaller guy with skin that refuses to tan doesn't sound like a good candidate, however my face, head shape etc works very well with it and that's where I got lucky I think, also my eyes get more compliments than ever.

      Anyway thank you very much for all your help, if I could award MH twice I would

    • Then it sounds like you're in the clear! :)

      And thanks, haha. I'm always glad when I can actually be helpful!

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  • I didn't care for it but it wasn't gross or anything heinous. I'm glad he grew it back

    • So you personally wouldn't give a guy a shot of he had no hair?

    • Didn't say that. Your question was about Adam Levine lol

    • I was just curious and putting two and two together haha

  • I don't find him remotely attractive at all

    • Bald, or you just mean in general all the time

    • I've never found him attractive

  • I don't know who that is.


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