Girls, Do girls refer guys to their boyfriend as friend?

Do girls refer guys to their boyfriend as friend? For an example. My current girlfriend will refer to her female friends by their name "sorry I was with Ashley, and we stopped to get food" . As opposed to her saying "sorry I was at my friends house". Now I already pretty much know she replaces names with friend in hope I don't raise a flag and ask her. Form of holding the truth without the guilt? I know she does this because of the year and a half we been together, I've noticed it numerous times and was right if I dug a little deeper. Plus she's known to lie to me, and it gotten to the point where she was trying to make me feel stupid, just so she doesn't have to admit she's wrong. Does anyone else do this?


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  • I don't think most girls do this but I k

    • Dang. Hit post accidentally and I haven't finished typing yet haha.

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    • Okay, that makes sense.

      It don't get jealous easily, and to be honest it makes me feel something Is up, rather than protecting me from my own jealousy.

      I'm not allowed to talk or see my female friends that I've known much longer than her, nether less a "new" friend. I once got freaked out on for talking to my mom on the phone when we were broken up (thought it was another girl)

    • OMG I don't think anybody should be kept away from their friends of the opposite gender when they're in a relationship. I always told him this so he could also get along with his friends as I did no matter what gender they have, and to somehow show him it's fine that we do it as long as we stay within the boundaries. But he was just jealous lol so I stopped being pushy. I guess you need to open up about this with your girlfriend, but keep it light 'cause it sounds like stuff gets into her nerves easily. Haha :)

  • No not really.

  • Sounds a little suspicious. If I refer to someone as a friend/buddy to my boyfriend it's typically in the beginning of the relationship when he hasn't met/heard of my friends yet and mentioning them by name would be pointless. A year and a half in though she shouldn't have any friends who she hasn't at least mentioned to you before...


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