Girls, why would she not tell me she had a boyfriend sooner?

To add some detail, pretty much I've been pursuing her for some time and she's been showing interest back. We've been sort of going back and forth. Then I finally find out. Why would she drag me along in this?


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  • either she didn't think it was important or she didn't want you to know.
    1 she just wanted to be friends and she thought you wanted that as well
    2 she wanted to know if you were interested in her without the fact she had a boyfriend interfering
    3 she did it for science
    4 she didn't have a boyfriend before

    • 1. She definitely doesn't want to be friends with me. She saw me flirting around and begun to ignore me, not very friendly.
      2. I'm completely interested. Now what?
      3. Lol.
      4. She has had this boyfriend for a long time.

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    • Wow... so basically just like me. Well I'm still interested just the same. What do you think I should do next?

    • Honestly, If you want you could ask her
      you could wait to see what she does,
      or you could forget her

  • She didn't think it was necessary?

    • Please explain, necessary towards what?

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    • Sources tell me she is not a flirt. What should I make of this now?

    • If she has a boyfriend it may be best to walk away from the situation.

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