Going home every night knowing your ex is screwing someone else?

How do you sleep? How do you even deal with this? Have you ever had this feeling?


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  • It's an unfortunate reality of life, sorry to say. The fact is, people move on, life goes on, the present becomes the past, and people live their lives. You have to accept the fact that you two are no longer together and that they have found someone, even if only temporary, they are interested in. Understand that you, too, will find someone again. Realize you and your ex have two separate lives now and that your business is your business. It's unhealthy to dwell on what was or could have been. you will only spend your life obsessing over what you cannot change. Be happy that you now have the opportunity to find someone who will suit you better than you could even imagine. xo

    • Its not even her that i miss, its just that someone that did me so wrong is having sex with someone else, and happy doing it, it kills me. I go home from work and all i think is "Damn she's getting screwed right now, and im home. Alone. Its not fair. Dont get me wrong, i get girls. But girls have guys at all corners, its def a lot harder for a guy to get laid. Unless you look like Zac Effron..

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    • Yeah i am that guy. But I've been through so much depression from putting my feelings into these females, and them leaving me for another guy in a week, its just heartless. I'm not a nice guy, but im not a bad guy either, but doing that to someone is just plain fucking demonic. I have warned every girl i was in a relationship with, if they ever want to leave, dont cheat, just tell me, i'll understand. They all wanna cheat though. Pretty funny.

    • ): i am so sorry...
      I feel like the cheating part is just easier for them, which sounds horrible and makes them seem like bitches, but telling someone versus going behind their back in the moment seems to be harder. Maybe because theyre choosing not to face you. Which makes sense if you think about it. I think, however, its fair for you to disclaim that to them and to completely disregard that is frustrating.
      I feel like when you first start seeing a girl, you need to tell her that your a relationship kind of guy, tell her what you're looking for and all that so you dont get tangled up with a girl who's only real intentions were to hook up because it sounds to me, these girls had commitment issues or were never really in it for the long run.

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  • Bro you grown the lair of balls bigger and just forget about it. Just keep thinking to yourself that you are a lot better then them. My ex wife did that and i had her comoletely out of my life in 3 days. Never talk to her and haven't seen her since.(6 months ago) dont even think about her at all.

    • Sorry bro. It fuckin sucks. Laying in bed, wondering if she's getting fucked at that very moment, while you miss her. Thats such a pathetic feeling. Its unfair as fuck. But the world is unfair.

    • Yeah i was there i guess i just delt different even though i wanlk on her doing it with another guy

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  • Realize that someone else now has to deal with their negatives and that they aren't nearly as perfect as you seem to think they are. You'll meet someone new eventually and have just as fun screwing someone else who is even better for you.

  • Yes. It's terrible but at this point I'm over him so I say eh whatever makes him cum I guess


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