I like a man who is gorgeous but I am not?

I like him a lot. He's really gorgeous and is physically perfect. His eyes, lashes, nose, face everything is perfect, like a gorgeous male model.
He's a nice guy as well. He's witty and sweet. Is smart and nice to everyone.

His exes or the ladies he's dated casually or seriously look really hot and glamorous.

I don't look that hot or glamorous. I am not as beautiful as him.
And I belong to a country and religion, the people of his nationality a religion hate the most.

I am also 1 year 5 months older than him. He's pretty wealthy, lives an affluent lifestyle and I am poor and have never lived a lifestyle like that. I don't want to either. I just want him to like me.

But I am unsure if he would ever like me. There's nothing special in me that he would notice.
Most girls dress scantily to get him in bed but that's not what I want.

What do I do? Is there a way I can look better?


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  • You may find him attractive however I'm sure more than likely he's not into himself and if he were what would he do with himself even if he though he was all that? He won't have much use for his x's either or they wouldn't be his x's. And also it would be up to him to find interest in you for himself and not up to you to find interest in you for him. How about just be yourself and see if he notices you. Most guys anyway unless they're really shallow don't care about a girls wealth either. How about this song it's an old song but it was a hit for a reason. See if it makes sense to you.



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  • If you're approaching a relationship thinking how you can change to be worthy it's not worth it.


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  • thats basically everyone's problem when you like any person famous or model appearance. everyone likes someone who is 10/10 but you just know its never going to happen.

  • Like someone that's out of your league? This is a new one.

  • From your description, you don't have much chance.


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