Is it still possible to fulfill this fantasy?

In high school I really wanted to smash a hot emo chick. I don't know why they turned me on so much. There was this one chick in my poli sci class senior year that I really wanted to get with but I was too much of a pansy in highschool. I'm 22 man I don't see many hot emo chicks around this age lol. Do they exist? Still need to get with a milf.. an emo chick.. and an Asian. Those are the three types that I've never hooked up with. I'm on a mission right now. Need to cross out all three.


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  • Lmao, you have a sexual bucket list or something? I have an emo friend who's 21 and she's cute AF. (She's tiny though, you'd probably break her.) I would think the MILF and Asian thing would be pretty easy though.

    • Not too many Asians where I live. Currently working on the milf.. I haven't seen an emo chick in a long long time lol. So I don't think that one is going to happen.

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    • Emomingle. com?

    • Craigslist personals? Emo chick and std, 2 for 1 deal

  • In high school it was a teacher, now it's a professor (1)😂😂. An Arab (2). A Russian Man and/or a Urkainian Women (3)


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  • You want to go hogging?
    Asians are docile and like being dominated.
    Now milfs know what they are doing ;)


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