Why aren't some people more attentive in dating?

I have a friend who likes a guy who is moving in January. Wouldn't you think that guy would want to visit and be with her until he leaves? No. He probably won't see her until he leaves. Which is 6 hours away from her then. Is he just not into her? Or why? Some stupid game? There not serious quite yet but they want to see where it goes.


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  • Honestly, if I were him, I'd be thinking that things couldnt really work out. Personally, i can't withstand long distance relationships, so that's just me, but realistically speaking, no one wants to. He's probably realizing that for himself, which is understandable. If he's leaving for a place that far away, it'd be reasonable of him to break things off.

    • Thats what i am thinking. How do i tell that to her and not break her heart and make me the bad guy. :/

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    • Yeah i think she knows deep down. she's my step sister whom i love to death so i am protective of. So i don't like this side of her ya know?

    • Yea, i understand. I have a step brother who would kill for me so i get it. Just be the caring big brother she needs when she comes to the realization. She'll need someone to lean on. Let her play it out for herself, but you know, subtly let her know the facts. I'm sorry she has to go through this.

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