How many rejections can you remember?

Age 6 "Eww im not giving you my number--youd probably prank me!"

Age 8. "It was all a joke."

Age 10 "I hardly know her. I dont like her like that"

Age 13 (Guy asked me out to find out about my friend)

Age 11 "No. dont like you"

Age 14 she's not my type. Too thin (Totally hot for my much thinner friend)

Age 18 (Asked guy out) "Yeah sure, id like to." (Never happened.)

Age 20 " Well.. I thought you didn't like me. doesn't matter-- Its over"

Age 21 "What the hell do you want from me!"

Age 22 "I like you as a person. I want to be friends"

Age. 23. "I was just being nice. You were supposed to get the point"

Age 24. "I still have feelings for you. But its too complicated. I thought we could be friends."


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What Guys Said 1

  • Too Many and still counting... I feel ya.

    • lol. i thought id out it out and see it doesn't look like much. but it actually looks like more than i thought, though not as much as it could be.

      They are not very 'nice;' in any case ;p.. whatever happened to plain old 'thanks but no thanks' :)

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    • no, some of them took years.. i just didn't add that bc i was writing about rejections not the freaking melo drama novella behind them ;p

    • i love upfront rejections bc it barely feels like anything., it happens before you've developed feelings,. its a bit of a pinprick but then you move on. its the other crap i abhor.

      yeah 'thanks but no thanks' would be AmaZing.


What Girls Said 2

  • I think it's good that you put yourself out there like that. I've never been rejected in those ways just cheated on. But I'm sure if I asked guys out who didn't ask me out I would have been rejected.

    • I dont mind rejections , its the only way to now for sure. id just prefer people are more simple.. like 'no thanks':) doesn't need to be colorful ;p

  • None. I've never really put myself out there.


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