Why his hand wave is different?

The guy I like usually hand waves left to right to his friends and that I find normal, but when he waves bye to me he opens and closes his hand really fast. Why does he wave to me like this?


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  • OH MY GOD!
    He is clearly flirting with you.

    All you need to do is figure out if he opens and closes his fingers in a "come hither" motion or if its more of a dismissive "leave me, pleb!" thing.

    That out of the way, special treatment is always special treatment. This one might chalk up to be nothing but, if you feel it is something, why not approach him and find out?

    • It's a bit of a problem because usually when he does this he avoids eye contact with me and he waves bye to me in this manner. He does this uncounciously and I can't really tell if he means it in a "leave me" manner or in a "come here". I was hoping to receive more insight from a man... thanks

    • Well, feel him up. Maybe not physically without his consent but... honestly the problem is you being shy. You worry too much and spend your time over analyzing what he does instead of taking action and doing something to find out yourself. I get that it is scary, but as a guy, we're very nice people when we say no. And he just might say yes.

    • It's because of his mixed signs that I don't feel too sure on been the one to approach. He is an introvert and very smart guy, but the times I've tried to approach he don't seem to react. But after he starts looking for me and does things that confuse me. That's why I can't tell if I annoy him or if he likes me... I was hoping to get more information through his body language, in this case... his "but wave"

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  • Do you mean like a finger wave, just waving the fingers up and down? That's a wave for someone he's a little closer to, or more personal with. If he's only doing it with you, then he probably feels a closer connection to you.

  • He is a terrible Jedi his hand movements are supposed to be subtle

  • LOL wtf is this


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