My boyfriend's brother's girlfriend irritates me?

One time my boyfriend's brother abd his girlfriend brought a pregnancy test and she left it on the dinning table. His dad's asked who it was and she said the pregnacy test is mine. My boyfriend started to not welcome her in the house and she told his brother to not come home anymore and stay at her place. His dad is so worried he confronted my biyfriend and asked him to be nice to the girl. She always acted direspectful and step on my foot and acted like nothing happen not apologizing at all. She always leave a mess in their house and my boyfriend has fo clean that up. She irritates me so bad what do I do now? And his parents are giving her all attention and treat her nice so their son will come home everynight. They forget to appreciate me at all. I never make my boyfriend not come home at night to worry them...;(


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  • Get over it. You're jealous of your bfs brother's gf? Don't be petty. You can't dictate or control her behaviour. And you can't change how your bfs parents treat you or her. If you and your boyfriend don't like it, then don't spend time there.

    • Haha your funny I'm not jealous. She just doesn't deserve the respect they are giving her and that's disgusting. That's all.

    • Who are you to decide what she deserves? It is jealousy, that is clear.

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