Is it weird to still be attracted and wanting a girl who you haven't talked to in almost a year?

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If so, should I just give up on her?


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  • I had a crush on a guy in grade 8 and now I'm graduated and I still kinda have a thing for him. I don't know some things dont change


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  • depends on your past with her, i still think about my ex girlfriend , she left me after she miscarried our child at 5-6 weeks. After the miscarriage she became more distant & cold towards me, at the end she just absolutely hated me, and she still does. I tried several times to reconnect with her, but i realized a lot through past year i haven't seen or spoken with her. The loss of her and our child will always remain, and i wish that we had a different contact now, just normal and friendly, but she can't. she is black or white either she likes you or she hates you. I probably will cross her path anywhere soon because i do want to visit my old colleagues and she still works there. I dont expect a lot from her when she sees me, maybe a middle finger or she looks away. to answer your question, no its not weird, it depends on your past. I still miss her sometimes, even if she wasn't very nice to me at times. I miss having those passionate evenings , or her smiling at me. But I've learned holding on to the past isn't going to get your forward. Sometimes you have to cut someone out your life to feel better, i think her cutting me out of her life is better. Because sometimes i get the feeling she isn't very faithful either. The guy she is now seeing treatened me, well even if its just to get him to confront me when i happen to cross her, that would be ok with me. still not over her hateful behaviour towards me.,


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  • Sounds weird.
    I get the feelings bubbling up when you see them again, but to think about her without seeing her or hearing from her - weird.

    • Should I just give up on her?

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    • Well, here's the thing. She's lives a street over from me and I see her driving sometimes, I just haven't gotten the chance to talk to her since the first time I met her. I actually met her mom first and she told a lot about her, from what I've heard and seen she's exactly what I want. I probably wouldn't be stuck on her if she wasn't like what I want and if she wasn't my neighbor.

    • I will be honest here - sounds like you are obsessed with someone you don't even know. Whatever her mom said - doesn't have to be true... and even if it is probably isn't all she is. Your 'unfounded' feelings are bordering on extremely worrisome.

      Do what you want. If you feel you have decades to fantasize about one person you live close to which you will never go up to and ask out - then do so. If you feel like you're happy with that then good for you.
      If not either ask her out or move on.
      Three options.
      Choose one.

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