Should I be worried?

There's a guy that I have met on Tinder, and we have been talking for a couple of weeks. We did confirm that we both are looking for serious and long term relationship. We are starting to like each other a lot. We text, call and Face time all the time, however, I am a woman who likes to see what is going on his social life. Before adding him on Facebook, I did ask permission if I can add him. He said that he would accept and be okay being Facebook Friends, quoted, "Sure, I don't care." So, I added him and he didn't accept it the first time, which I thought was weird. I added him again because he stated that he didn't receive a request. He did accept me for the second time, but deleted me a day or two afterwards. (I am assuming that he did because of an argument, but I doubt it.) I asked him why he deleted me, and he said , "You deleted me." I was like, "Am I going crazy?" Because I don't remember unfriending him. I defended myself because I felt as if he was just trying to manipulate me.

We both apologized at the end, and I did , again, added him on Facebook. It is still going through, and he didn't accept it yet. However! He did accept a new person recently or have received a new friend.
He tells me that if we were a couple, he would love to express and show everyone who I am on his social media and etc. Honestly, I have already experienced some red flags regarding to Facebook, and I'm usually the one who got cheated. With his 2k friends, should I be worried? Is he hiding something? Should I even care? He tells me that I'm the only girl he is talking to, because he likes to focus on one person. I want to believe in him, but having over 2k friends, it is hard to believe.

I, sometimes, feel like I am being played but, talking non-stop over the phone, text and Face Time, it's a different story. We have not met yet, but we are planning to soon.

What should I do?

Thank you!


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  • Bail, if you spot red flags, it's time to stop ignoring them and just leave.

    • The red flags are from my previous relationships. In my mind, I start relationships as a new thing, and don't like to make the same conclusions / assumptions like I did for my other relationships.

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    • Ah, I see. I mean, I just want to see his Facebook life since its different. I told him that I'm okay with him talking to girls unless he flirts or if the girl does. I don't want to control his life, and I know he has insecurities because of his past relationships. I just don't know if this situation is a red flag. I don't feel special in a way because of the Facebook situation.

    • he has 2k friends, he does these weird things like saying you deleted him etc. that's just weird, i think he is using you as an option, and if you love yourself, you won't let him. if someone doesn't add you on fb, its better for you to have a realistic view on it all and tell yourself, what ever reason he has for not having me on fb, there is something not right here. I think you are a very sweet girl and this guy sounds like an arrogant douchebag to me. never buy in on peoples words. I can say a girl looks attractive but doesn't mean necessarily that i think she is.

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