Help me pick between these two girls, and yes I know how much of a douche that makes me sound?

Girl1: We get along very well and have known each other for a while. Her friend told me she likes me but that was a few months ago. She's currently playing hard to get (ie she said maybe to giving me her number and flirts with me alot). She has literally everything I find physically attractive on a girl. Basically the body of my dream girl.

Girl2: We've only had a few interactions but we got along really great. I'm pretty sure she likes me because she complimented my looks and every time she sees me she get a really big smile and will excitedly say hi to me. Her body is really nice but no were nearly turns me on as much as the first girl. Personality/hobby wise she might be perfect for me. We're both sort of in the whole alternative look and she's sort of nerdy like me and she likes manga/anime like me. But I'm not sure how well we'd get along because like I said we haven't spoken to often?
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Girl 2: you seem to have more in common with her. You didn't say anything about girl 1 except you like her body.


Most Helpful Guy

  • get to know the second girl better. A personality that's a good fit for you will make her become more beautiful than anyone else and it sounds like she's not so bad to begin with


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What Girls Said 2

  • Neither. They both deserve better

  • Get to know the second girl a bit more, then make the decision yourself instead of basing the decision on the whimsies of others.


What Guys Said 2

  • DEFINITELY girl 2. Hands down. Her body might not be perfect, but someone like Girl 1, who plays 'hard to get' are not worth pursuing at all. Girls who do that only want to play 'games;.

  • Flirt with both until you decide with which one you want a relationship.


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