Will girls test a guy before getting intimate?

I've been on three dates with this girl that I really like but we haven't kissed or anything yet so I'm starting to think she doesn't like me but she always seems eager to talk to me and go out on dates and this has left me extremely confused can anyone help?


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  • In my humble opinion, and experience:

    On the whole women really like to make a 'heart connection' through conversation, caring and kindness from a guy before they commit to being intimate.

    Guys on the other hand like to get intimate to feel that 'heart connection'.

    Its one of those Men are from Mars and women are from venus things.

    But then it also depends on our definition of intimate. You mentioned not even a goodnight kiss on the 3rd date?


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  • test to what?

  • Aren't yoz supposed to initiate the kissing? I mean start with a goodbye kiss and next time you see her you can start the kissing earlier...


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