Could he be he cheating?

some of u may think I'm being paranoid...

I've been dating a guy for 2 months, and he's always online and offline usually on facebook (we don't chat on facebook). i'm always wondering why is he always online. is there facebook bug or is he really talking to someone else? i did ask him nicely about it, but he said that is facebook bug, where he's shown online when he's not. but after that he doesn't online much (can be up to 4-6 hours it depend) for 2 days (he's working on that 2 days, but the rest of the working days wasn't like this). but now recently started again

sometimes on WhatsApp, he can go online and offline a 3-4 times and then reply me.

he doesn't hide from me when I glance at his phone. he has a habit of seeing my messages and reply later (waited quite long, maybe 1-2 hours, it varies).
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  • i only say maybe because i also have the same problem sometimes. facebook is an app that doesn't really close when you tell it to. thats why when you get notifications they pop up because facebook is somewhat always on to notify you. this could be the problem but yet again it could be that he is on. i wouldn't worry about it unless he's hiding it from you.


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