Back with my ex but am confused?

Ok so i was dating my ex for 3 years. We broke up about a year ago and now we have started talking again. He acts like we are back together by calling me everyday and calling me babe and saying how much he likes me. This time around he is doing everything right. He is trying to be better than the first time around. Well he and i have been talking again for about two months. I decided to go out with my girls last weekend and ran into T (my dance partner whenever i was single) T & i danced the whole night like we usually would but this time he asked me to hang out after so we did. I got to know him better and ever since then we have been talking literally no stop like everyday. I am really starting to like him, but i don't know what to do about my ex, because in his eyes we are back together. Whenever i have made it clear that we are not. What do i do?
Should i stop talking to T?


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  • Coming back is always hard...
    If you really love, fight with it.


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