Online dating... a criminal?

I recently started talking to a guy from online dating. We had a few phone calls. In fact in the first call he told me he went to prison, for drug trafficking. he never touched the drugs himself. It was purely business.
I didn't see it was such an issue as this was 7 years ago. We obviously continued talking and texting for a few days. I really got to liking this guy. Then after 4 days of talking. He drops the bombshell.
I got out of prison last week. For violating parole.
He really does seam like a great guy towards me. Very easy to talk to, can joke around, loves spending time with his family... its the criminal behaviour that worries me.
What would you do?
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  • "Mama please don't cry, I will be alright
    All reason aside I just can't deny, love the guy"


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  • Stop talking with that guy.


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  • I dont think I could trust him and believe what he had to say. It sounds like he's full of secrets and bad news that could affect you and any relationship. I would advise you to really listen to your worries.

    • He was pretty honest to begin with. He said he usually doesn't tell anyone this sort of stuff. And he felt bad not telling me about the fact that he had just gotten out. my issues arnt so much the prison itself its that he has a tendency of getting into fights. I've voiced this opinion a few times but im still not sure

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    • Well this guy finished school then went to university. He only stopped because he went to jail. He works in a well paying job and he's at the age now where he can't afford to go back to prison.
      And the craziest part. Has not once talked dirty. Which any one whos online dated knows is rare in itself. Has said he would not send nude photos.
      He sends texts purely to see how my day is going and genuinely wants to get to know me.

    • No one can tell you what to do, and only you know what he's like day to day. It is possible he is changed but not likely in my opinion. All I say is proceed with caution if you decide to keep going. I wouldn't trust easily if I were you. And if he's a good guy, he would be understanding of a woman being wary of a man with a criminal/violent past. FYI, my guy didn't try to get sexual at first either. Then when it happened, that's all he focused on.

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