I think she's cheating help?

I went on a date and kissed. She's uploaded a pic of her and some dude at the zoo. I don't know who he is BUT one thing is forsure they recently met. I can tell since they just added each other on facebook and they have no history or old pics as in they went to hs together or that they known each other through mutual friends. She calls him "goofball". She's also liked all his most recent pics.

Baed on your past experiences with gf/bf what are the chances she's seeing this guy/likes him based on what i just told you?


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  • Are you in an actual relationship or just went on one date? Because if it was one date then it's possible she didn't have as much interest in you and found another guy she likes more.


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  • If you aren't in a relationship with this person, she is probably just dating around and is attracted to this person more. In which case it isn't cheating.

    On the other hand, if you are in a relationship with her, then you should be on the lookout, because she is searching for someone new.


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  • First, make sure this guy isn't her cousin or something. Once you put that aside, chances are she's with this guy now and you need to move on.


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  • Dude ur not in a relation... its not cheating..
    she found a new guy that she likes more...

  • Odds are approaching 100%


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