Girls, Does she want me to ask her out?

me and this girl have been quite close for a while now, she is always very flirty and i return the favour, we talk almost every day and yesterday she asked me to go round her house, i did and it was great, not awkward at all and we both laughed and talked for a few hours, when i got home we started texting and she mentioned her ex-boyfriend and then said "i just want want a nice guy, who makes me laugh and makes me happy and who doesn't treat me like shit, is that too much to ask" she also said that she was miserable and i asked why, and she said it was because when i was with her she was happy and being distracted from all the shit happening, but now i was gone she was thinking about it again" i could really do with some opinions here as im not sure if im just stupid xD


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  • she does or not go for it and give a chance if you like her


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