Guys, When a woman rejects you & if you still pursue - Is it a challenge or because you REALLY like her?

So... I rejected this guy, & said we could be friends. I actually do like him, but I can't date now due to my studies I have to complete first. I also assumed he was the player-type, but I realised that I should open my heart, because I AM actually scared sh#tless of ending up with a broken heart, besides the studies being in the way.

He never contacted me directly again after I rejected him, but he followed me on Instagram... Am I reading into it too deep or is it his way of pursuing? My account isn't on private. What do you suggest I do?

Thank you in advance for your time! :) x


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  • After i read "i AM actually scared shitless of ending up with a broken heart" i felt a little sorry for you because i see quite a bit in the future for you. (no offense)
    ALSO... any true playa will know well enough not to answer this question... this is to weed out 'players'...
    good news... im not one so i will... it depends...

    • I just admitted what thousands of women won't... & I am willing to change that too, if you read what I said carefully. Your answer isn't exactly that clear either...

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    • I do have a question, actually... As a man, what so you suggest I do? Should I pursue him & give him a reason why did what I did, or would it seem like I'm coming from a place of lower value? I mean, he still followed me afterwards... I'm not a man, so I would love to know what you think as a man... :)

    • well first... things like "lower value" don't really help your case... secondly, whatever you want to do ma'am, just do it. or tell him. If you want to pursue him, do it... be direct. It will surprise the hell out of him and that doesn't happen often for guys that are "a Man's man".

  • THIS IS WHEN women complain that certain men keep pursuing and HARASSING THEM.

    • In my question, I stated "I like him too", so no complaining from my side. ;)

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    • @asker But I am not single. I won a fucking business. Stop trying to use empathy and agreement as a tactic.

    • Yes, you've stated that like twice, & I am fully aware of it... Good for you & no, I'm
      not using it as a tactic. It's how I am. If you don't like the fact that I have empathy for men, then I'll cut it short. I only asked for advice & you didn't really give me a clear answer... But it's ok.

      Thank you for your time. :)

  • If a girl rejects me, I move on.


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