How long before you realize she's not going to call?

In my case, we didn't have a true relationship, just knew each other for a couple months and we went on a couple dates and hung out a little then she started making excuses and saying she's busy. It's two months later and I still wonder, whenever I look at my phone, if she left a message. Foolish, I know, but I guess it's a process and at least it's hurting a bit less. In the beginning I was dumb and thought she'd call/text within the first week, then the second week rolled by and nothing...then the third and fourth, then I looked in the mirror and I was like "she's never going to call again, so please stop thinking about it." But I still do. And it wasn't even that much of a relationship; in fact, I think I put more stock into it than she did.


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  • sorry to hear it mate, she should just tell you that she's not interested. Maybe she's busy...but four weeks is a bit long to think she's just 'busy'. She may hope that by not communicating she'll signal that she's not interested; thinking about it, it's the easiest thing for her to do, and when did girls ever prefer to choose the harder option!?

    Saying this, it seems from what you said, she did give it a chance. Can you honestly say you tried doing everything right during the time you were with her? Did you show/say how you felt, or were you hoping it would just happen eventually? She may have given up, moved on herself, or became interested in someone else.

    Start seeing other girls, keep communicating and dating with different girls, this will get you confident with yourself and it will also help you learn from any mistakes you make along the way.

    Girls will blow guys off all the time, its a percentage game my friend; the more chances you take the more likely one will be right. All the best.


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  • a day. if she really like you it would be the night you gave your # to her

  • you should text her...

    if she still likes you, she'll definitely text back!

    Just try and see what happens! ;)


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