Why do guy wait on girls?

I always have this feeling that men wait on girls to open up and go after them? its like they always leave me with the choice of wether i would like to see them again or sleep with them? why dont guys go after what they want?


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  • Because that's what guys are taught to do. And we can't exactly force you to see us again, and it's really risky even if we try. I do go after what I want and I make it very clear, but sometimes the difference between being assertive and being rapey is not that big. Like if I texted a girl saying that Im gonna be at her house in 30 minutes and that she should be ready, sure that can be really hot, but that can also be very creepy.

  • Because they're cautious. They don't want to risk it and possibly be rejected and shamed in a bad way. There is always the chance to try asking out a woman who turns out is a total bitch who will ruin you with her shaming.


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