Why Does She Doubt And What Can I Do To Reassure Her?

Hi girls,

I've been talking to a girl over Skype for the past month and a half. Both of us get attached in relationships rather quickly so don't be shocked by what I'm about to say. This is her second relationship. We met on a dating site and hit it off. We're very similar in our thinking and from a Skype point of view are falling in love with the person we are on the inside.

We saw each other once and spent a long time together. Unfortunately, we're both shy and didn't show our most charming side. However, we still continue to talk. She messages me every day, we talk via text and telephone.

Tonight she tells me that when I had talked to her on Skype once, she was shocked by my appearance. I had warned her that I had just finished work and was exhausted and dirty. When we met in real life, she says she found me to be very handsome. So, I thought we had passed this whole appearance issue and moved on. Now she's having second thoughts. She says she's attached to me and feels love for me but at the same time she is pessimistic and thinks it's all a fantasy because we've met only once and that somehw I will be totally different in real life.

How can I help her understand that what we are learning about each other over the telephone and Skype isn't a fantasy, but reality and that we're learning about the inner person? And that meeting physically is a huge plus, but doesn't change who we are on the inside? Unfortunately, I had quite a lot of hope in our relationship, but now I'm losing it. Help me please?

I know this is long, but if you could find the time to answer, I4d really appreciate it.


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  • Some people are just insecure. You can't change that about him


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