Guys, Ask for my number than disappeared?

So I met this guy online and it seemd like we were hitting it off and we making small talk with each other, nothing serious. Eventually he asked if I wanted to hang out and he even asked for my number. After we talked about potential date ideas, he never messaged me online, he never texted me and I haven't heard from him in over a week. He works 9 to 5 and possibly is in grad school. I'm not sure if he's genuinely busy or if I've been curved. Why ask for my number if you were gonna do that?


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  • the conversation defused his "agenda", unannounced to you, the conversation is insight into how much effort a guy has to invest to get around the bases. count your blessings.

    next time, ask a guy what he wants to do, be a free spirit in the conversation, see where his mind goes... let him play his cards, dental his true stripes, then off you're still a "go", set the date, show up, and if they bail before, count your blessings. repeat


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