Guys if you always call and text a girl first and initiate contact, would it turn you off if she initiated contact?

I met a guy around a week ago and we seemed to have an instant connection he has said this multiple times, we seem to just click, every morning he texts to see how I am and every evening he calls me and we have spoke every day since.

I've been hurt before so I never initiate contact but whenever he reaches out I always show him that I'm interested. Anyway he never called or text at all for the whole of yesterday, of course I don't expect to talk everyday but just seemed strange especially after we have spoke every day and he texts and calls so much. So today he text me and said he would call me after I finish work..

So he hasn't text or called and I get he could be busy but I thought maybe he wants me to initiate as I never do. So I text him saying hey what you up to and I've heard nothing back. I feel stupid now and I'm just curious to know whether guys get turned off when a girl initiates contact or are you happy to hear from her? Should a girl let a guy always initiate contact in the beginning? Thoughts
guys if you like a girl and initiate contact every day do you want her to initiate contact first? Like when you're getting to know each other, or do you prefer to do all the chasing in the beginning?


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