Language barrier when dating?

I'm seeing a Spanish girl who has been living in the country just under two years. We've been on a few dates and she's invited me over where we've kissed, cuddled, etc.

She seems more serious about being together, than regular English girls I've previously been with like less banter, more talking. We seem to act like a couple, but we haven't spoken about it.

She agrees to dates and initiates contact 80% of the time, most days I don't get chance to initiate myself and we're set to meet again this Sunday.

My only problem is the language barrier when we text. Sometimes when I'm teasing her or joking around, she will not understand the word and ask what it means. I don't usually like having text conversations, but she always starts them and asks how my day is/how I am.

For example, our most recent conversation was:

[3am]Girl - Just finished work and got home!! Haha
Girl - I'm so glad your dad is at home!
[9am]Me - You're such a tease..
Girl - Tease?
Girl - What do you mean with that?
Me - Will tell you when I see you next. I'll teach you all these new words!
Girls -Nonono what do you mean? Cause i've been looking in google and OMG!
Me - I meant teasing when you finished work, as I was up early and i'd rather be asleep in bed
Girl - Ok hahah thanks

Did her last reply seem bad? I didn't reply because it looked like it didn't need one.

I'm just worried she might have searched it and got the wrong meaning of what I meant with the "OMG!". I guess time will tell if she initiates or still continues to see me.


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  • hahahhahaha. Sorry it's just funny... But i worry when I date people who speak very very little English cause it makes me worried that what if we are actually going somewhere and our families will not be able to communicate... But at least the girls is trying. But if i was you i would be worrying that what if you too go a lot further... And then eventually your families meet, how would they understand each other.

    • probably both have their translation books out hahaha, but face to face we don't have these issues. Sould I be worried about her last reply?

    • I don't think you should be, No.

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