He asked me to come to his New Year's Eve party. Does this mean anything?

So there's been this guy I've had some sort of fling with since mid-May. In June my car broke down and we had never been able to hang out much because of it. So that resulted in us kinda drifting apart though we both knew we wanted to be hanging out with each other so we would keep in touch about every couple of weeks. I got my car a couple of weeks ago and we've been slowly hanging out. He asked me to come to his New Year's Eve party and I'll be going. Does this mean anything?

I'm asking this because I'm kind of confused about his real feelings about me. In the beginning, he would tell me he liked me a lot and wanted a relationship but wanted to take it slow because he just broke up with his ex girlfriend the month before (this was in June). He has told me or hinted that he liked me since then and even asked if I would go out with him last month. I've met some of his closest friends and one of his brothers so far. However he only seems to text me when he wants me to come over so that's where I become skeptical. The last two times he would ask me at 3 or 4 but would get "busy" then would tell me to actually come over at 9ish instead and I would stay the night. Though he did tell me that he doesn't want me driving all the time so he said he would come pick me up some of the times we hang out in the future. It's just all confusing and I'm not sure if I'm over thinking the NYE party or not.


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  • So you have been hanging out and spending the night so I assume you are having sex, right?

    • Yes we have but that's not all we've been doing. However when we first started talking before hanging out for the first time a long time ago, we both talked about how we weren't looking for anything serious but if it turned into something serious then we wouldn't stop it. So we didn't have serious intentions when we had sex the first time hanging out.

    • So if you have not had any discussion about commitment or monogamy, ask him if you should bring a guest or if that would only get in the way of things. That should start the discussion that you need to have.

    • We have, just not recently. But yeah I feel like at this point I'm going to have to. However all my friends I hang out with are in relationships and will more than likely have other plans or if not that, they aren't people who party hard like the people at the party I'm going to. So it will be difficult but I can do it.

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