Guys, HELP!!! When you ask a guy to hang out a couple times and it seems like there always saying no?

I get this guy gets really busy with work because he has told me this. But he's not suggesting another day we can hang out.

We normally act like a couple when we hang out I. e. kissing, hugging, holding hands, and cuddling. Last time I was there he remembered everything about my family members and we talked about things we did together in the past.

What was going on with him last week though? I don't get it? Is it bad?
Guys please comment!!! I need your opinions!!!


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  • Three possible things, in my opinion...

    1) This has been happening for less than a week and you're overly sensitive so you're worrying for nothing. All I mean is that if this is new then it's nothing to worry about. If he's been like this for two months then it's a problem.

    2) If you REALLY need him to put in more effort in order to SHOW you how he feels, then give him the gift of missing you. Basically text or call him 1/3 as much as he does. Basically relax a little and give him room to want to see you. This might take a few weeks but it's worth it. He'll either come around or he'll move on. Which is a clear sign he had zero interest in putting in more effort.

    3) We teach people how to treat us. So if you have been dating for more than 8 dates then it's probably okay to start giving him your expectations within the relationships. Kinda like defining your boundaries. He'll have his own... he might need more space than you. This is fine, as long as you're both cool with it. All relationships that are are good require the couples to be comfortable enough to talk about such things. Not within the first 5 dates, but slowly and eventually. So don't be afraid to ask for more if that's what you want.

    My final note is this... when a guy is into a girl he'll go WAY out of his way to see her more. His behaviour is key. If he's cool in person then you're probably both into it. But if he never calls or texts then it's a bad sign.


    ~ Robby

    • He calls or texts once in a blue moon.
      Like I said we act like a couple in person I. e. hugging, kissing, cuddling, and holding hands.
      I usually worried about a lot with him and it turns out to be nothing but I don't know.
      We are not dating he's actually my ex.

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    • Nothing means anything. It all comes down to what you want and what you deserve. If you're okay with how you're being treated, then my opinion doesn't much matter. What would you tell a girlfriend who was acting the way you are in regards to some ex boyfriend who's acting the way yours is?

      If your bar is really low then he's going to be a good catch one day. All I'm saying is that you should raise your standards, and then you'll see how much easier it is to date someone who goes out of their way to see you.

    • We'll he did push work aside once for me but I mean you can't skip work for someone you love

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