Everyone told me he liked me.. Now he likes my BEST FRIEND?

I'm so upset. :( I've liked this guy for like 2 years and people told me he liked me but we never really spoke enough or anything only small talk but at one point I really could tell or THOUGHT I could tell he liked me. So fast forward two years and I still can't really stop thinking about him, I still see him everyday because we go to the same school. I then found out that he apparently likes my friend, he had been getting his friends to text my friend and leave hints that he likes her. This is so sad :( I'm just never good enough, why has this happened? I don't know what to do now


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  • Well if you want to catch him and get the upper hand easiest way now is confess you like him. It would likely catch him off guard but also turn the progression towards your friend right on its side. That is if you really want him. I know its blunt but its shocking enough to make him listen.


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  • You know why it happened? Because you liked him and did nothing about it. If you would have gone to him, and interact with him more, maybe this wouldn't have happened.
    You can't wait for something to happen, you gotta do something.


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  • Move on the title scream move on!


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