What is my ex playing at? Starting to miss him so much?

Hey guys my ex and I split aprox 3 weeks ago haven't seen each other in almost 4.
i made a thread about this already.
our break up was iniaated by me. I really didn't have a choice due to his lack of affection and choosing when to talk to me.
i said to him I deserve better and he told me to "close the book" so I did.
5 days ago after thinking about things and not having closure as such I begged him to meet up and talk, he refused. I sent him a lot of messges asking him to meet up so I could have closure etc. He told me to go away...
i deleted his number, tried to move forward as I really thought this was it. last night I get a message "where are you" I didn't respond until tonight 24 hs later saying "what's up"
i have ended things with him before for the reasons I mentioned above...:..:. He always comes back within two days to a week. He's the one who pushes me away.
i do care for him still, where do I go from here?
Also, is it true that when you "dissapear" they realise what they are loosing. What to do? HELP x
Little update.
He's been going a little bit crazy trying to call me etc. tried to call me Friday night, messaging me last night asking where i am. Calling me today.
It's taken him a month to do this. I'm going to keep my distance and silence for another 2 weeks and maybe he will realise what it's been like for me.
I'm not into game playing but a little saying "treat people how you would like to be treated".


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  • This has been going on for too long. You'd better not entertain his requests henceforth. And STOP caring for him. Easier said than done, but he's an ex after all.

    • I am getting there, believe me.
      I just don't understand his reasons for always coming back.
      I was just asking a guys opinion on why he would do this? As I know in a day or two he will contact me again.
      It is easier said than done, as we never had a chat about our problems and I think doing so could be a good thing. Either to work on things or completely move on. Thoughts? X

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    • @Irishkate

      Haha, great going! Girls like you are rare, you know. You have the ability to let go. I have a few female friends who are so obsessed with their romantic interests, that even if these guys make them wait indefinitely, they never realise that.

      Anyway, looks like you dodged a bullet there! Just stick to your decision, that's most important. I wish you luck in your future endeavours! :)

    • I won't be waiting around that's for sure.
      I understand the man has a lot going on in his personal life, but that's not my issue.
      I know I will see him again to clarify things... But this will be on terms/
      I know he cares for me still as he is always the one reaching out so who knows and that's a bridge I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.
      I've been asked out on a date tonight and Sunday... And I'm going on both.
      No sitting around listening to Celine Dion... Peace 👌😎

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