When a guy keeps mentioning other girls?

It's like he wants to make me jeaouls. We have been on about three dates now and he will randomly be like oh look at these girls I was hanging out with or bla bla. I've acted really cool about it and don't care if he has girl friends it just seems like he is deliberately trying to make me jealous and I am close to cutting him off completely.



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  • Cut him off completely or tell him you don't give a shit about him and them other girls he hangs out with

  • hmm, maybe he's keeping you insecure so you won't be obnoxious or he can be a straight noob with girls...

    not sure what he's trying to do

    • What he said^ noob.

      No scrubs X

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    • yes. women get ahead of themselvse or big headed when they get power. they already rate themselves a bit higher than they are... its a way to humble them and bring them down to reality...

    • even kasia noble the most famous female dating coach says this that women think of themselves higher than they are and tend to date up rarely down

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  • I don't think he's doing it in order to make you jealous.


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