He needs space?

We are in a long distance relationship and got into an argument about communication. I blew up on him and after that he hasn't return my phone calls or texts because i went a little crazy.. Finally he texted me after I asked him are we still together and he said "as of now yes but your behavior is getting ridiculous. I need space". . . Is he wanting to break up or needs space? How long should I wait before calling it quits?


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  • Just give him time and he'll most likely let you know when he's ready again

    • But how much time? We have plans of him flying into town for new years so I bought the hotel since he bought the plane ticket. We made plans to meet each others familys but if he needs space. . . i don't want to pay for a hotel if he isn't flying in. Do I contact him the weekend of Christmas to find out so I can cancel my hotel if he hasn't contact me? (Reason for a hotel because where we are spending new years is 2hrs away from home to be driving)

What Girls Said 1

  • He's trying to break up I guess.


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