26 years old and never had a boyfriend?

I Grew up shy and always judged. I started to become a serious self doubter and I felt unattractive most of the time. I did date some guys but they only wanted sex. Never took me serious. This have left me feeling very lonely and feeling inadequate. I am approaching my 30's and it is getting embarrassing that I never had a man take me serious before. Even like 17 year old sister has a boyfriend. I've been told by men that i'm a good girl with a good heart but there's always a but... How do I break this vicious cycle? I don't want to be lonely, forever.


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  • You attract what you think. So in turn your desires never had a chance from the first time you started to doubt. Doubting is your killer. I am as serious as a heart attack. Your past thought process is causing your today's outcome.

    Your doubting my words aren't you? well you are still causing tomorrows woes as well.

    You should at least give some solid advice a chance to work it's free miracle.
    OK erase all your mindsets and start focusing of what you really want in life. Do you want a play-toy or a long lasting faithful loving relationship? ASK what you want to (God the Earth, the Energy, a tree anything you believe created you.) Now this id the very important part is blind faithfully BELIEVE that you will receive what you are asking for, third RECEIVE it in your conscious of hearts without a glimmer of doubt or negative thought. Hone it as if it is already received physically and never stray from the positive outcome.
    That is all you have to do. There is no looking for it what you will be doing by asking believing and receiving is drawing this towards you.
    When you doubt you are smashing the flower you seeded just before it is ready to pop out of the soil. So your thoughts today create tomorrows wonders.
    Good luck


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  • Sigh. Don't worry. Its just a phase. Tomorrow when someone asks you out. This will all seem like a bad dream. Until it happens all over again. So what do you do? Travel. Pack your bags and don't look back.

    • it's been 4 days and no one has asked me out. hehehe. no but thank you for you positive feedback. I do want to travel the world.

  • Well, you can always try online dating or something. You seem like a great person. I know it sucks, but sometimes things just don't turn out. Is there a specific reason the guys said?

    Sometimes, things happen when you least expected. It happened to me. But you know what? It was a long distance relationship and it ended yesterday, so im trying to figure out how to start over again.

    You'll find someone. Just ran into the wrong guys before. It sucks being shy, but try to at least not shut yourself out and try to get out there a bit. For me, i think trying to find someone online is easier since i suck at strangers and online you at least have things to see before you even meet.

    • I met most of the guys I have casually dated or have had sex with... online. So there's that. Thank you fr your positive feedback, though.

  • Why do you feel inadequate?

    • Because I was always teased for my looks, even my mom would say things that made me feel like i was ugly to her.

  • lose weight.

  • I'm close to your age and never had a girlfriend before, I know I've said this a thousand times, but I kinda find it more shocking to hear of a girl over the age of 25 and never had a relationship than the other way around, since guys are expected to be the initiators

    • Well, I have had casual and sexual encounters but never a serious relationship.

    • So just casual sex only?

    • Yes, it would never go anywhere... never made me their girlfriend, even though they pretended to court me.

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  • Start by approaching men and asking them out. Most people are shy when it comes to social encounters. You should just surpass your fears and step out of your boundaries/comfort zone.


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