Guys, would you date a bisexual girl with mental health issues?

If a girl told you that she had a history of ill mental health would that turn you off/ make you uncomfortable with dating her?

What if a girl told you that she's had relationships with both men and women, would that turn you off?


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  • ... Um dating one right now and sooo far its a lot of fun. She's a little bit of a weak spine as in she doesn't put much of a fight up though. As a result I'm always careful about what I say other wise she sorta goes nuts crying which is a huge pain. But she's funny cute and super open with me. she's bi but i dont really care since all her ex's are mostly girls so its really easy going as she doesn't have any bad memories ether with guys. So far so good 5 years and counting.

    • She sounds great! Lucky guy :)

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    • Living the dream my friend! :')

    • And her only part of her mental illness is that her brain gets hiccups where she will zone out for like 3-5 minutes if you dont like wake her out of her daze. But then snaps back like a rubber band to talking about the old subject.

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  • I would be okay with that. I would try to help her out with her mental problems.. I have them too so.. Hahaha XD


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  • history of mental health? depends on what kind? depression? bipolar? schizophrenia? psychosis?

    both men and women is okay, but that's a bit sketchy to be honest.

  • I certainly wouldn't. She's already bisexual, what other mental health issues could she have? That's a recipe for disaster.


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