Is she doing this to make me jealous?

A girl and me are only friends in the class... she doesn't talk to anyone and me too... and i like her , and she also talks, laughs, smiles and even flirts a bit too.
But there is one dude, infront of him she behaves awkwardly, she doesn't smile , she doesn't laugh and doesn flirt aswell.
When i go upto her infront of that dude, she excuses herself from me in his presence... talks to me for 5 mins and then leaves the class.
Then one day, i saw her going upto that dude and sitting with him infront of me (i was in the class)
Next week, she asked for water from him... she said "hey michael, water" ... and she literally shouted this as if she wanted me to hear this.
Is she doing this to make me jealous?
or is she doing this to hint me that she and that dude are together?
  • She is making me jealous by using that guy.
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  • She likes that guy and she is hinting me indirectly that they are together.
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  • Ne. She doesn't care you


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