Why do people fill others with lies?

They say that anyone can get a girlfriend when that's a lie there have been some people who have tried all their life and died single why give someone a false sense of hope
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  • Yes. You're right. there's no hope. We should all just give up. 💩💩💩

    • I'm not saying there but be realistic someone isn't just gonna fall out of the sky

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  • Because it's true everyone "can" get a girlfriend. Doesn't mean everyone will. If you're a depressing person, not personable and bad with girls you'll probably spend a long time looking unless you make some changes.

    • Dude I'm 24 and it hasn't happened for me people was projecting this when I was younger

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    • Could be personality, could be your approach, could be how you act specifically around them. But this "can't" get a girlfriend stuff is horse shit. If you work on yourself you can. I know homeless guys who have girlfriends.

    • Well I don't approach cause first they scare me cause of rejection

  • "can" doesn't mean "will". Everyonee has the potential, but it's up to you to use it. And sure, i will be easier for some.

    • I don't have the potential cause people was telling me I wouldn't have one when I was younger

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    • No I'm not a patient person either it's either I date now or I just cut that aspect out if my life

    • then your call.

      Just stop bitching because you do not priorice dating. Girl doesn't fall from thhe sky!

  • Mostly people lie to others to try and put them down too people are shit.

    • Yeah I don't get it man

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