Does he need space Or he lost interest?

After a lot of misunderstandings... he said We should talk another time.

Basically I got upset that he left me hanging on our date and he texted late that he couldnt make it because some work stuff came up. He always gave me the impression that he still had his emotions all over the place with his ex, work and family. When i asked him if he was still seeing the ex Or had feelings for her, he felt as if I was accusing him. He had mentioned they were still getting closure right when he met me. He then said things were going to get better But the next day he said We should talk another time.

Two days later he was drunk texting me, trying to see me But it was late and he wanted to go to a bar, so i said i couldnt, then was texting me how I never appreciated him, texts got heated and emotional... etc. After that... We continued texting and calls for 2weeks, working out our communication. It got better to how it was before But We have not seen each other, dont know why 😢

Did he need his space Or he is not that interested anymore?

I'm putting myself out there and care for the guy.


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What Guys Said 1

  • He was never interested. He isn't over his breakup. Don't wait around move on

    • It just sucks because We dated for 2 months and he never brought up the ex, i was always asking him stuff. I feel I'm distancing myself But it will be a process

What Girls Said 1

  • I'm going to be honest with you because I have been in your position! And I know at the end of the day you're gonna end up doing the complete opposite. Man are hunters by nature, if they want something/someone they won't give up till they have it! If he really wanted you he will chase after you! Would you ask for space when you're really into someone? I don't think so! I wish someone would of opened my eyes! I went through so much, you will be his rebound an it would look like he cares so much about you but his thoughts are not with you nor about you. You are going to lose yourself, just let him get closure so he can close that chapter but let him do it alone. Don't let yourself be used

    • I appreciate it! Thanks for sharing... I hate it because he was honest when I asked how he met me and was still getting closure but did not expect to like me the way he did. So I'm thinking here that I'm being held on by a thread while he figures out his emotions and I am trying to distance a bit which we have by not seeing each other but we talk everyday somewhat

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