So we confessed to each other what do I do?

Hi. So I like this guy. We have know each other for like 5 months, and he confessed his feelings for me. and I confessed mine to him we both like each other a lot he wants t date, he was even going to ask my mom for permission to date me (I'm 15 and he is 16 yes its old fashioned) but I want to get to know him better and so I told him I wanted to become best friends before we move to dating he said okay. Saturday we going to see a movie with my older sister and his older brother who are dating. What are some ways I can get to know him better and talk and flirt? Am I being to slow?


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  • Actually no, thats a perfect rate, don't rush yourself hun.
    You can practice not sitting across from each other and sit side by side and talk about stuff, its a lot more personal and doesn't feel like a job interview. The rest should come ask things like whats your favorite color and keep it light, dont ask about politics nor religion, if the subject goes that way be docile and don't be afraid to speak your mind.

    • Thank you. And okay... This will be my first time dating so that plays in as well

  • Come on... u already accepted u like him and he also said he likes ya... just go for it..
    what are u waiting for?

    • So I am taking things to slow just wanting to get to know him better?

    • Yeah i think... become friends for few days before moving ahead... that will be good...

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