How do you avoid Gold Diggers?

Donate to charity?
Invest in the stock market anonymously so nobody knows you're raking in the cheddar chee$e?

I would love to hear all your thoughts, but no gold digging thots!


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  • Try to keep it as low profile as possible. Don't buy any really fancy and expensive big houses or buy any really fancy cars such as sports cars like a Ferrari and Lamborghini. Don't have ANY bling-bling, such as gold, silver, platinum, or diamonds, jewelry or whatnot. Ok for teeth sometimes people have gold tooth/teeth replacements. Same goes for electronics, sometimes it's okay to have one or two that is up to date and commonly owned or used bu you don't need All of the latest and claimed to be the greatest that had just been newly released out there.

    Don't wear too expensive and flashy clothing or shoes either if possible. Anything that could give away and give clues that you have a job that earns you huge income or that you could possibly have a huge bank account should be avoided as much as possible, if not completely.

    But that doesn't mean you should turn into a Scrooge and be completely paranoid about everything and everyone. But you do still need to be careful and monitor your accounts and be careful whom you listen to and trust, especially when spending large amount of money or investing into various things that may be very risky. It's also very hard to more and more impossible if you were trying to hide how much you have or how much money you are actually making from the governments now.

    • Ah well I guess I'm in the clear. It's not like I wear tuxedos everywhere... Or even have enough money for one in the first place. :c

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    • LOL, sounds like a Internet Troll Club to me xD

    • I mean like... I've been trolling this website ever since I joined. :P
      I got my first opinion removed! The question was about whether or not you got knocked out or knocked someone else out before...
      I posted "I bitch-slapped a darkie once because they were attacking me with a weapon, they didn't get knocked out though." and it got removed. Lolol!!

  • 1. Be a silent investor.
    2. Be humble, try to wear less expensive suits when you can.
    3. Be sociable, not stuck up, blend in and you'll be fine.
    4. Tell NO ONE (Especially the Woman/Man) you're interested in that you're rich (You'll regret it - past personal experience)

    Or.. or... you can stop giving a fuck whether people know or not... but thats just me. Since sooner or later someone's gonna find out in the end.


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