Did he cheat on me?

Last night my boyfriend went to the bar. He told me his friends had ditched but he ran into a buddy of his Andrew that he went to school with and would Charge his phone and be home later. This was at 9. He didn't come home till 2 even after I asked why he wasn't home around 12 he ignores it and didn't come home till 2 in the morning. The next day I checked his phone, he had added a new person on snapchat under Andrew (bar name), he had also added the contact to his phone. I thought it was odd that the bar name was next to it rather than just his full name. So I snapped it (I know really wrong but I was curious). The person snapped back and was a girl! I looked at the recently snapped and there was at least 5 from today and a star by the name meaning they talk a lot. I left his house pissed. He completely denied that it was a girl, but wouldn't let me snap them back or call the number. When I got back he had deleted the name off his phone completely, and would not let me see his phone. i really feel like he is lying and trying to hide this. Did he cheat, did he just get too flirty with a hot girl at the bar? If it was just his buddy why did he delete it?


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What Guys Said 2

  • It's possible. It definitely sounds sketchy, but you don't have definitive proof. Tell him you are worried and you would like it if he doesn't go to bars without you from now on because you don't want to lose him. If you word it like that, you don't sound like the bad guy.

    • Ya cause he deleted the contact before I could. When I added it back on snapchat he took his phone and told me to get the fuck out of his house. I said I would leave if he just showed me and he said no.

    • I mean, it doesn't sound good. Sorry sweetheart. I'd be inclined to believe he did.

  • You caught him red handed... enough said lol


What Girls Said 1

  • He cheated on you or he definitely intends to cheat on you.


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