Girl will respond really late with long sentences and text, but once I reply once or twice she stops replying completely. Whats going on?

Weve gone out twice
She recently cancelled what wouldve been a third date blaming her boss for giving her last minute work...


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What Girls Said 1

  • She doesn't sound interested... I'd be thrilled to talk to a guy I like... Won't stop replying.

    • I agree Im just confused at her attitude when weve met in person or her attitude after I texted her after a date...

What Guys Said 1

  • This means nothing without context.
    How did the dates go? Are you the only one initiating contact?
    What are her long sentences entailing?
    Maybe she has a job that keeps her on call and therefore busy. Do you know her that well yet?

    If she's on call, she has to cancel. It means nothing in regards to you.

    • Appreciate the quick response bro. I texted her after every date and it seemed that she was excited and eager to set up a new date. Im the only one that initiates contact except for on the day of the date where she kinda check in. I know she works but not how much. Also, her longest text was when she basically repeatedly apologized for not being able to make the third date. I dont know her that well.

    • If that's the case you have nothing to worry about. You're just over thinking it.

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