Girls, Have you fancied random Quiet/Shy guys?

How do you act if you fancy the random guy who is quiet/shy?


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  • YES! They seem like the best type of guys. I don't know but to me those guys I find them attractive, they also give this aura of maturity and mysterious. I always want to get to know those guys but it doesn't help that I am shy myself but I still go up to them and try to talk to them. Most of the time the conservation turn out to be really awkward I would suggest those guys that it's ok if your shy and quiet, there's nothing wrong with it but if someone tries to talk to you try to smile or make a effort because otherwise the person trying to talk to you mite assume that they are bothering you and will probably assume you hate them (no offense).

    • thanks :)) how do you get their attention in the first place?

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  • I'm not usually attracted to shy guys they tend to hide how they feel , and I need to know where I stand with a guy. It frustrates me when guys are not open with me.

    • thanks :)) any exceptional cases where you fancied a shy guy?

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    • Before I *

    • that's cool !!

  • Nope, I don't

    • thanks :)) so you only fancy outgoing guys?

    • Yup... . .

    • cool !!

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