Girls, which age is too late to have a beautiful girlfriend?

I am 24 and half and never had a girlfriend. i want to have a beautiful girlfriend. when i become old, my age girls won't be beautiful anymore and i can not love them... which age is too late to think about getting a girlfriend?


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  • You can find a beautiful girl at any time. But by the way you seem it's not worth much if you're going to find her not beautiful as she ages.

    • beauty has the age. as a girl ages she becomes less attractive. i mean girls starting age 18-21 are hot. after 25 they become less attractive. something like that...

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    • I will do anything. i am turning off the computer and smashing it, so i won't be able to turn it on again and i am going out and i will approach those girls no matter what. i will still get the hottest girlfriend i want.

    • Good luck with that.

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  • You probably won't get any kind of girlfriend as long as you're that shallow.
    But it seems you're just inexperienced and immature for a relationship yet, anyway.

    • no. i can't have relationships with a girl who is not beautiful. why girls can't understand this?

  • With this mindset you don't even deserve a girlfriend. 😏

    • why?

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    • Translation: You just want a good looking girlfriend with who to have to f*ck and don't care about anything else.
      And when I thought there is some common sense in you...

    • still i can not love a girl who is not hot. if i would love her personality i still won't date her, if she is not hot, because her personality is good for her. not for me.

  • Maybe get one when you're no longer a moron.


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