Can someone be with someone else? And still have feelings for you yet they maybe trying to hide them?

And you never told them how you really felt and you are regretting it ever since they got in a relationship? It is possible he could still like me as he did 3 weeks ago before this all happened? It's all because I never told him how I felt. I don't think he has or had a close I liked him this much. I heard it through a mutual friend that he still likes me. And this was recently.
And what's about to come...


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  • Yeah it's a plausibility, specially if the one you're going for isn't available right now, so you settle for someone less for the time being

    • So there's hope still?

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    • Optimistic about telling each next time?

    • And about what's to come?

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  • Of course. It is possible.


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