A simple Yes or no would be nice?

My boyfriend and I had a miss understanding a couple of weeks ago. After that things have been very strange. He will read my text but only answer a couple, So I have had enough and point blank asked him to be truthful and tell me if I still had a change with him or were we over. Well he has not answerd my question. So what am I to do? I'm not very good about putting things off I want to deal with them and move on.


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  • I am with you on this Ma'am , I hate it when people don't or won't just speak up and say what's on their minds. I am waaaaaaay past the game playing stages in life and don't tolerate those who do. If it were me I would send one last message stating " if you can't make up you mind as to where we stand I will have no choice but make it myself "

    • I have made the decision no answer to me is that we are over. I'm not a game player and I'm not 16 years old. I just want a relationship that is honest and fun.

    • I couldn't agree more

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  • Well unfortunately you can't wait around forever for him to decide this. I agree I like things to be solved right then and there, and if they need time then I'd prefer they at least let me know.

    • I going to let him have his space and when and if he comes back he will see that I have moved on... No game playing for me..

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  • Instead of texting, call him up or even better go visit him in person and talk this out. Texting is not helpful in any way when trying to sort out relationship problems.

    • Thanks for the advice but I thing I will just let him go I'm not going to give he the benefit of seeing me upset. He should care enough for me not to have let it go this far...

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