I'm conflicted. I have a boyfriend but I like someone else too?

I dated this guy briefly, but I ended it and got back together with an ex (his dad died, it was a mistake, I was trying to be there). The other guy got a girlfriend some months later. I break up with my ex (other reasons).

I hooked up with the other guy a few times. I had had a conversation with him when he had a girlfriend that sometimes I wish I could just do friends with benefits. We didn't hook up until months later, maybe 6 times. I thought maybe he was single but it was on Facebook. It never came down so since Facebook still said he had a girlfriend I started dating, he never talked about her.

I just labeled things with the new guy a few weeks ago (he asked). But I'd been happily dating him two months.

The other guy hits me up and I tell him I have a boyfriend. Then I find out he's been single since April but left it on Facebook because he could loose his job if he dates anyone he works with (he's a manager) and since he's never on Facebook anyway he just left it. He's liked me this whole time, but thought I only wanted a friends with benefits and was respecting that so he didn't persue more.

I'm really conflicted. This is a mess. I've considered telling my new boyfriend what's going on. I'm happy with him, but if I knew, I would've seen where things went. But I don't know if I'd be happier or less happy and I don't want to ruin things. I didn't see a reason to wait when I was single for a long time. I thought he was happy, I should move on.

Please help.
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  • You should have sex with both of them and then pick the one who makes your gi-gi swirl the most.

    • This made me laugh really hard though

  • just replace him with hot guy ASAP, otherwise you'll cheat on him.


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