3 weeks before date, what to text before?

Here is the context:

Basically I matched with this girl on tinder, we got talking briefly and I asked if she was interested in getting together for a drink sometime. She agreed enthusiasticly. However, she said it'll have to be in the new year as she is going home for Christmas holidays the next day (which everybody is doing at the moment as it's the last day of term so that didn't come as a surprise by any means) so I got her number.

She told me to text her sometime so I texted her not long after so she had my number and she seemed enthusiastic to get to know me by saying 'now we can get to know each other'. We subsequently started flirting and she was very receptive, flirting back and whatnot. She left the last message.

I haven't contacted her in 4 days and I was thinking of hitting her up again but I'm not sure what to text or talk to her about. I do NOT want to get into a situation whereby we're getting to know each other over text as I very much want to leave that sort of discussion for the date itself so we have more stuff to talk about on the date and it doesn't become awkward.

I was thinking of maybe just asking what she's up to while back at home for the holidays or something like that, although I'm no fan of small talk. What is your opinion ladies?


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  • As tedious as small talk can sometimes be, it sounds like your idea is a pretty solid one for now. And of course when in doubt, just let the conversation go where it will. Either way, it seems like things are going to go just fine with this girl. ^-^


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